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I help business and healthy/fitness coaches get more leads, sell their Coaching services and boost their overall conversation rate.

I do this through Copywriting, content marketing and direct response marketing.
I've sold $30k+ worth of product and services online since 2021.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your offer.

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Godswill Ifeanyichukwu


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July 16, 2023


How long have you been a professional DR Copywriter?

I've been a Professional DR Copywriter for about 4 and half years now.

Do you work with a team?

Yes! I created a team of like-minded professionals like me to help ensure that we deliver the best quality content to our clients and help them make great sales as a result.

How long does it take you doing finish a project?

Well, that depends on the project itself. For some projects, we might need to do more than the usual research before coming up with a super converting copy, persuasive content and engaging posts etc.

Do you handle other kinds of freelance projects too?

Yes. My team and I work on a variety of projects, ranging from Copywriting, content writing, emails marketing to web design and sales Funnel set and lead gen funnels amongst other services.

Do you give guarantees?

Yes by all means, we have a no risk offer for you. If you don't like our work, we'll refund you with no hard feelings... Infact, we'll only collect payment after you've approved our work.

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hourly Rate
18,010.00 ₦‎
13,507.50 ₦‎
hourly Rate
18,010.00 ₦‎
10.00 ₦‎ +
13,507.50 ₦‎
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