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As a passionate Frontend Developer, I thrive on crafting immersive and user-centric web experiences in the software development industry, I have honed my skills in transforming design concepts into...
hourly Rate
9,905.50 ₦‎
I turn ideas into viable and profitable software products -...
Do you want an experienced developer? More specifically, a full stack developer who can turn your ideas into profitable software. Look no further! I specialize in crafting strong and scalable apps...
Monthly Rate
1,169,749.50 ₦‎
Frontend Web Development
Learn frontend Web Development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With projects. With bonuses of Advance CSS (SCSS)
fixed Rate
9,005.00 ₦‎
I will build a Corporate Website for your Business
I will add professional touch to your business by designing a first-class and responsive website that is compatible with your clients browser that will enhance business capability and create better...
custom Rate
corporate website design and development for your business
Are you seeking for a professional and up-to-date website to promote your company online? There is no need to look any further! Our skilled team of web designers and developers can create a custom...
fixed Rate
450,250.00 ₦‎
I'll create a basic e-commerce website
The basic e-commerce website contains the following features: - 1-year domain and hosting - A 3-month free support - Google My Business Verification - Basic SEO setup - 5 web pages with a functional...
fixed Rate
225,125.00 ₦‎
We provide specialized assistance in the deployment of OEM solutions and licenses.
custom Rate
We provide Identity Assurance Solutions with EyeDentifyMe
Enhance Trust, Empower Growth - Welcome to EyeDentifyMe! Our mission is to foster the growth of small and medium businesses while ensuring customers feel secure in their engagements. Whether it's...
hourly Rate
9,005.00 ₦‎
Web Application Development
We support our clients to build and host mission-critical web applications, mobile back ends, and RESTful APIs in the programming language of your choice without managing infrastructure.
custom Rate
I will build responsive wordpress website design, redesign ,...
Are you prepared to grow your company to new heights? Come on, let's discuss!" As you are undoubtedly aware, a website is an effective tool for introducing new customers to your business and...
fixed Rate
90,050.00 ₦‎
Revolutionize Procurement: Expert in SCMsoft's Secure Digital...
Welcome to SCMsoft - Your Gateway to Next-Gen Procurement! 🚀 Our secure, world-class digital solution is powered by smart 4th Industrial Revolution (4thIR) algorithms. SCMsoft embeds good governance...
hourly Rate
9,005.00 ₦‎
Quality & Professional Design and Development
Design your Website design with Nigerian top website design firm
fixed Rate
180,100.00 ₦‎
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